Gravitas Protection Group instructors are Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations personnel with years of real world experience.

Our team specializes in teaching techniques that are specific to defensive applications, whether the user is a responsible citizen, law enforcement officer, security professional, or Special Operations warfighter.

Gravitas Protection Group offers a wide range of training services, including courses covering Situational Awareness / Active Shooter, IED Awareness, Defensive Firearms, Low Light Firearms, Close Quarters Clearance, and Texas DPS Security Officer Training for Levels 3 & 4.

Upcoming Courses

Firearms Training | Our instructors are Special Operations veterans with years of firearms training experience.

Other Available Courses

Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling the following courses.


Training Programs | Save when you subscribe monthly to our training bundles with a 1 year contract.

Further Discounts:

  • 20+ subscriptions = 75% Normal Price
  • 50+ subscriptions = 72.5% Normal Price
  • 100+ subscriptions = 70% Normal Price
  • Security Team Management Contracts = 70% Normal Price
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