IED Awareness


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This 8 hour course is designed to teach security and law enforcement professionals basic fundamentals of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness.

Gravitas Protection Group IED Awareness Instructors are Navy EOD Technicians who served as Naval Special Operations Bomb Technicians. These instructors possess years of experience in their field and have taught IED Awareness to forces all over the world, from security personnel, and local/state/federal law enforcement, to other Special Operations personnel.

This course teaches students identification of IEDs and their components, dynamic threat assessments, responses to IED phone threats, response to suspicious packages, response to suspected IED attacks, and response to confirmed IED attacks.


April 16th 2024, 8AM, April 16th 2024, 5PM, May 22nd 2024, 9:30AM, June 28th 2024, 9:30AM

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