Premium Unarmed Security Subscription

$115.00 / Months For 12 Months

This training program is designed for unarmed security professionals who are working at critical infrastructure or locations with elevated threat levels and public exposure.

    • Hospitals
    • Power Plants
    • Schools
    • Event Centers
    • Sports Arenas

By adding additional De-escalation, Legal Refreshers, and Intelligence Briefings, this program better enables security professionals to adequately prepare for and respond to dynamic situations.

Course Normal Price Bundle Price
IED Awareness $200 $160
CPR + Stop the Bleed $150 $120
2x De-escalate and Legal Refresher $300 $240
4x Intelligence Briefing (Report) $1,000 $800
Security CE $150 $0
Situational Awareness $75 $60
Special GWS Pricing and Availability $0 $0
TOTAL (Annual) $1,875 $1,380
TOTAL (Monthly) $115


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