Security Consulting

Our Unique Approach

In a crowded market, we stand out as pioneers in the security industry, pioneering a new frontier with our specialized services. Leveraging our extensive experience and skill sets, we introduce a range of groundbreaking offerings designed to address emerging threats and challenges in today’s dynamic landscape.

Harnessing the latest in unmanned aerial technology, we provide comprehensive UAS solutions for advanced surveillance and reconnaissance, perimeter security, and threat detection.

Stay one step ahead of unauthorized drones with our state-of-the-art counter-UAS capabilities, safeguarding your airspace from potential intrusions and security breaches.

Our seasoned C2 consultants bring invaluable expertise in optimizing command and control systems, ensuring seamless coordination and response in critical situations.

Mitigate risks and enhance resilience with our thorough vulnerability assessment services, identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure.

Protect your assets and personnel from explosive threats with the expertise of our highly trained explosive hazard specialists, equipped to handle even the most challenging situations. ALL Gravitas Protection Group Explosive Hazard Specialists are graduates of US Navy EOD school and are Naval Special Operation Veterans.


Comprehensive Security Consulting Solutions

In addition to our groundbreaking offerings, we also provide traditional security consulting services with a twist. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:


Ensure the safety of personnel with our highly effective protection service techniques, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Deploy advanced surveillance techniques to gather critical intelligence and maintain a watchful eye on your surroundings, enhancing situational awareness and threat detection capabilities.

Tactical-Minded Team:

Trust in expertly trained teams to mitigate the risk of attacks and protect your assets in critical environments.

Who We Serve

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, including:

Critical Infrastructure

Safeguard energy plants, farms, oil refineries, chemical plants, factories, tech company campuses, shipping yards, and harbors with our specialized security solutions.

Event Venues

Ensure the safety and security of sports arenas, amphitheaters, event centers, and raceways with our comprehensive event security services.

Security Companies and Law Enforcement Agencies

Partner with us to enhance security operations and support law enforcement agencies, security companies, and organizations with internal security teams.

Staffing Solutions

Gravitas Protection Group LLC is proud to offer security staffing solutions to Texas companies.

Our guards are certified Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Personal Protection Officers in the State of Texas.

Our security professionals are experienced Military Special Operations professionals with years of real-world experience and dynamic training.

Our continuing training requirements go well beyond the State required minimums, and many of our security professionals are still serving in the military or law enforcement in an active/reserve capacity.

  • Close Protection
  • Covert and Overt Dress Options
  • Residential Protection
  • Site Protection
  • Drivers
  • Surveillance
  • Counter-Surveillance

Security Assessments

We can provide customers with in-depth security assessments and provide recommendations for improving their security posture.

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