Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has been increasingly recognized as the FUTURE for warfare, law enforcement, and security industry.

Gravitas Protection Group is on a mission to be the leading unmanned systems service provider and tactical provider for the security and law enforcement communities.

Unlock the full potential of your team by integrating Gravitas Protection Group UAS services into your existing infrastructure, achieving new levels of situational awareness and response capabilities.

UAS Systems:

Harnessing the latest in unmanned aerial technology, we provide comprehensive UAS solutions for advanced surveillance and reconnaissance, perimeter security, and threat detection.

UAS System Features

  • Secure live feed broadcasting to multiple devices
  • Thermal and IR sensors with up to 80x magnification
  • AI Software Integration
    • Weapons Detection
    • Facial Scans and Recognition
    • License Plate Scan Capable
  • 10 hour plus flight duration
  • Communication systems repeater
  • Tethered & Untethered flight operations
  • Open architecture to accommodate specific payloads and needs

Counter UAS:

Stay one step ahead of unauthorized drones with our state-of-the-art counter-UAS capabilities, safeguarding your airspace from potential intrusions and security breaches.

Counter UAS System Features

  • Detect and identify unwanted airspace intrusions
  • Safely intercept and capture intruding unmanned systems utilizing non-ballistic and nonkinetic means
  • Identify the system’s point of origin and pilot

Gravitas Protection Group sources its UAS capabilities from a variety of manufacturers, including Blue UAS or Blue UAS compliant systems.

Pair our UAS Service Offerings with Gravitas Protection Group’s Command and Control (C2) Consultants and Vulnerability Assessors to maximize the capability and efficiency of your security team!

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